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Requirements To Take Online Courses

  • Online students must first be registered in the course either through the Admissions Office or WebAdvisor prior to accessing a online Moodle course.

  • Online students must have computer skills, such as the ability to send and receive emails, navigate the internet, attach files, operate a computer, etc.
  • Online students must have analytical and critical thinking skills for when they "get stuck" in the online environment.
  • Online students must have reliable access to the Internet and a computer.
  • Online students must be able to communicate through writing - If students have limited writing abilities they should address their limitations before their online experience. The majority of online assignments are in written form.
  • Online students must be self-motivated and self-disciplined. They must have the ability to stay on task, follow strict timelines and not procrastinate.
  • Online students must be willing and able to commit to 4 to 15 hours per week per course and must be able to participate weekly.
  • Online students must be willing to share their online-experiences with other students.

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